We've been working with Resin8 for about a year now and we've been amazed by the leaps and bounds this company has made. Led by Kate Battes, Resin8 has become globally renowned as a leading business in the craft industry, for their resin products. The business has seen massive growth over the past 3 years. Their close-knit team of staff has gone from 2 to 32 and their offices have grown from 1 to 10 rooms. 
The company has won several awards, most recently winning Best E-Commerce Business at the BizX Awards. The secret to their success must be put down to their commitment to excellent customer service and the lengths they go to inspire, guide and support their customer community. They recognise that the customer journey can make or break an e-commerce transaction and go the extra mile to respect and engage with their customers, treating each one personally and individually. They also have an enormous social media presence and an impressive following, which they use to celebrate their customers' success and creative ideas. 
They are smashing their financial goals too, having more than doubled their revenue and their net profit year on year. We support Resin8 by producing monthly management accounts, which helps Kate to keep much tighter control on her business finances. Cashflow forecasts enable her to predict the business's future and is useful for assessing staffing and stock levels. We also do Resin8's daily bookkeeping, therefore relieving the business of a massive administrative burden. 
“We are so thankful to be working with BRW Accounting. To know we can receive help and guidance whenever we need it is so reassuring - the firm is reliable and friendly and it’s wonderful to know we’re in safe hands. Having our finances organised in precise, up-to-date order via detailed management accounts is invaluable for our busy, ever-evolving business! Matt is available to offer his expertise for any and every query I have, and with daily access to BRW Accounting's 5-star service, Resin8 feels more organised than ever!” 
Kate Battes, 'Super Boss Lady' at Resin8 
We're delighted to be working with Resin8 as well and can't wait to support them further on their journey to success. So, check out Resin8 for all your resin craft needs... even if it's not your bag, we're sure you'll become addicted to watching the 'dirty pour' videos they post on their social media channels... they're absolutely mesmerising! 
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